I am usualy realy silent, but...

For those who speak Dutch: I made radio. I do not broadcast all the time: Sometimes I travel, or do not have WIFI. I broadcast as mutch as I can, but it is in Dutch. Some, may like it, and some don't. Because it is Dutch.

https://listen.shoutcast.com/m6e6n6s You may want to have a player on your site:

www.radionomy.com/en/radio/m6e6n6s/share And this is also a link: www.radionomy.com/m6e6n6s They are so friendly in the Church of Satan, On VALENTINESDAY there was ONE assault on my life and just a few days ago a SECOND!!!

They REALLY worship my sixes, and this all for having stated "I Saved the Beast Out Of The Eternal Sea", and making an attempt to send them to Sicily. There's an abyss at Sicilian side of the Street of Messina. It measures higher than the Mount Everest. If you're in Sicily, follow road SS114. And then there's a plate stating you may not follow that road any further. Guess what: On the other side of that road is THE SAME SIGN!!! Just follow THAT road. The highest point of that abyss you can recognise by a walkingpath below, ending by 3 caves with on each door 3 hearts with each 3 swords through it.  If you can not see anything that monent be patient. Just stop your car and wait. I can not tell you what I have seen there, you have to see for yourself. Sicily's got something to HIDE!!! Take a holliday and SEE FOR YOURSELF!

I do NOT know too mutch, because NOBODY TOLD ME to go down there, but my own instinct!!! And by telling you NOW ALL OF YOU I follow the SAME INSTINCT!!!

Believe me if I tell you with this: YOU ALL KNOW TOO LITTLE!!! (You might want to shave your entire head going to look at 'The Raging Sea'.

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