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Here on my country, the common denominator of people who do not know or know just a little about the subjects related to Magic, Sorcery or Witchcraft, have brought to the surface a very controversial issue about animal sacrifice or even up to the sacrifice of human beings to carry out their rituals and their evil objectives. However the aim of this article is to clarify the concept and to demystify its use within the traditions considered today as pagan or obscureSince ancient times, knowledge w
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Lucifer's Sigil

Dear fellow Luciferian's, I would like to ask a quick question, especially of anyone who might be living in the UK. I recently been assigned to work in the UK for the foreseeable future. It's absolutely fabulous here, with super nice people everywhere. I love it!

I've been wondering though, how might it be seen if I would wear Lucifer's sigil as a pendant on a necklace. Something similar to this only mine is silver, but it's about the same size. 

I never take this neckla

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Musings and Frustrations

Lucifer, the rebel angel, who does not just take orders, but asks questions, explores, seeks knowledge and takes his 'life' into his own hands was my favorite of all religious/mythological beings since I can remember.  

I have always believed in the values of Luciferianism, I just did not know what it was called. Luciferianism to me is not a new 'faith' I found; it's just a label I can now 'plaster' on my philosophy of life. I am an agnostic Luciferian, so I see Lucifer and any Lucifer figures as

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Luciferianism is Satanism

I've noticed lately, that there seems to be a a push to draw distinctions between those who define themselves as "Satanists" and those who identify as "Luciferians". This distinction is almost always there to paint "Luciferians" in a more mature light, than "Satanists". I find that outlook incredibly ignorant.

Personally, I find no distinction between being a  Satanist and being a Luciferian. I have identified as both and though my philosophy/religion has deepened, and evolved as all philosophies

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White Luciferianism

White Luciferianism

Reaching the masses with a message of freedom


DIVISIONS are part of the nature of the human race in all levels, societies, and economical sectors. The shame on Right Hand Path practitioners all around the world, produced the new age movement, which is no  more than a club of idiots praying and feeding the archons and vampire egregores of the streamline designed by the parasitized side of the elite.


We are reaching an special moment in human histories, fear of God is down, the

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The Luciferian and oxytocin


The LHP/RHP is a spectrum where individuality favours LHP and conformity to the group-mind favours RHP.  I suggest the Luciferian stands deep into the LHP side of the LHP/RHP spectrum, and thus being the minority in the mass of humanity that prefers slavery to the group-mind are subject to sometimes harsh oppression from those that wish the Luciferian to conform.  I have always been the individual, and it interests me to observe the relationship between self and others.


A horm

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How to use your tool


In my opinion any path in the LHP such as Luciferianism is like a journey.  It makes sense to know where you are heading, otherwise you are going to get lost, or suffer misfortune. Secondly, you need the right tools which enable you to successfully complete the journey.


My goal is to travel to New York from Washington DC. Now that I know my goal, I work out the tools by which I am going to reach my goal: a car; a map; fuel.  The tools should match my goal, and help me to advanc

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Pride is not a bad thing in my opinion it is the assurance of one’s true spirit to reach above the heights of what is possible. I believe Lucifer saw that in himself was a self-existent being thus he didn't need creator to explain his existence because he was a self-existent being. I think  Lucifer   saw a greater purpose that most people overlook because they are trying be perfect figure of morality in society, while Lucifer saw truth in the fact that seeking perfection is impossible in se

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Ugly ducklings to Luciferian swans

I argue against certain delusions pertaining to how we become Luciferians.

Oil and water

Mix oil with water in a bowl, the oil rises to the top, the water remains at the bottom.  Everything in nature rises to its level, nothing is equal, nothing is the same.  The Luciferian is like the oil, and the water is like the rest of humanity, the mundanes. 


Ugly Ducklings

Have you read the story of the ugly duckling? Born amongst ducks the ugly duckling was cast out as ugly, an outcast amongst its duck comm

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Luciferian group/community on G+

This isn't really much of a blog, more an announcement. If you are on the Google+ social networking site, a.k.a. G+, then you may want to check out the Luciferianism community on there. I created it last month as there was no such community yet on G+. G+ is not as popular as Facebook but it is gaining momentum.

This isn't meant to replace any existing Luciferian group or network anywhere else, but just somewhere for Luciferians on G+ to net

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Black masses and the Gnostic

I just recently did some more reseach and study and found that some of the earliest practices of black magick and black masses were done in the 18 century mainly, but the earlist case I found was I'm book by Richard Cavendish called the black arts which stated that there were perverse practices of the catholic mass. The acts of black mass was to invoke devil and blasphemy against the three. In the book it gave the year 1220 which is the early thirteenth century. A lot of rebellion against Vatica
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The luciferian uncarved block

Here is a lump of bronze.  I turn this bronze into anything I like: a bronze horse, a bronze ball, a bronze angel.  If I dislike the form I created from this bronze I can melt it down and create something else.  The beauty of Luciferianism is you are given a lump of bronze, from which you make your own form: ball, horse, whatever. 

The outsider who lives in the worldview of invented religions, that they can buy into like one can with a brand of washing up powder, is confused about Luciferianism f

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Satanism IMO

Those you see as Satanists are they ?
Do They actually share with you views of Satanism
or are they too busy to be dressed as clowns?
What is the purpose looking like a fool if you only promote yourself?  As if you yourself are not enough ?
Gimmics are an ends to a means but with many I see not many have any means what so ever... making me ponder do they actually apply what they have learned.

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Micheal W Ford:
Luciferian Path and Witches Sabbat

ADAMU: Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick

Libir Hvhi

The Book of Wamphyri and Shadows

Luciferian Sorcery

The Vampyre Gate

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