I hope there are some dark poetry fans here. I paint light and airy paintings but my writings are usually very dark.

"Narcissus" is about the need, the desire for death. It's also about the selfish aspect of suicide.


Sage green eyes lock with ones trapped
in silver and glass
Fire red strands are snipped and snapped
to destroy her pride

Moonlit pond imprisons her reflection
In lustful shimmer
She looks upon her coming destruction
and embraces its tide

Blood is flowing and thick, scent of rust
on the breeze
Memories brought fore, seemingly just
for her sinful pleas

Glamoured by the jeweled scarlet pool
ahe leans in to kiss
Midnight hands crush the little fool
and slash her wrists

Falling through cool undulations of bliss
joy is now within
Self-enthroned, the darling Narcissus
forever a rotting stem.

copyright 2010, KellyRedhead/S. Lynne Price

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