Satan; the enemy unmasked

The world conflates the adversary and slanderer of the self-styled Jehovah, Satan the Devil, with the bringer of light, and torch-bearer, Lucifer. This is due in part to the deliberately skewed transliterations within scripture itself. In other words, it is a deliberate creation of misinformation.

The bible is a macrocosm of our individual lives. It speaks of the interminable quest for symbiosis, between our carnal and spiritual nature; it is, in essence, an alchemical work. Within it are both, the truth and the lie; the two are interwoven throughout its stories, and it is the role of our spiritual evolution -whether in this work or in parallel others within other faiths or myths – to separate them.

Its words are not simply words, they are resonant codes which unlock occult (re; my article on the true meaning of occult) knowledge, as we step forward into ever expanding spheres of enlightenment. We are called perpetually upwards toward energetic perfection.

As beings we, of necessity, contain both good and evil – it is only the liars in the churches who chastise our darkness as a thing to be abhorred and derided. Masonry stresses the requirement for, and subsequently rewards, “good deeds”.

Whilst the lower three degrees may be blind to this, it is to counter the “bad” that they are under oath to perform, and which has been distorted by progressive levels into base behaviour, sadly.  The Craft is noble wisdom which has, in parts, been perverted for Satanic purposes.

However, this urge toward equanimity is no accident, rather it is due to the higher echelons, and the formative teachings, being Luciferian. Here, as elsewhere in society, the symbols and signs of Luciferian understanding have been co-opted into Satanic service. Their origin was nothing of the sort, but a subliminal language to form a bridge between human and divine consciousness, which we must retrieve.

The principle of balance is emblematic in Masonry. In the lower three degrees of Craft Masonry, the introduction of the 24” gauge is symbolic of the three divisions of 8 hours in a day; one part for vocation, one for assistance of a brother and one for ease, thus avoiding excess in any one area.

It is also symbolic of the snake, cursed in Genesis for attempting to restore balance in Eden. This symbol is clear as the long, thin gauge is jointed and therefore flexible, to create the three equal lengths.  These divisions render it capable of retraction into an equilateral triangle – the Delta symbol of Deity globally, and the icon of opposing forces transmuted in the godhead. The gauge’s base number is 6, also a symbol of balance.

In the Cabala, through which Masonry finds expression, the ten Sephiroth are arranged on the Tree of Life across three pillars. The left pillar is Severity, the right, Mercy. It is in the Middle Pillar that we locate balance; where severity meets Mercy, their interplay creates Justice.

There could be no justice if severity were denied nor mercy not extended. This is the lie of those philosophies espousing superlative behaviour in relation to “goodness”. Denial destroys balance.

If we seek to live at either end of a spectrum we exist in imbalance. It is better we admit to ourselves our desire to perform what is frowned upon, in order to transmute it. Conversely, it is better we show kindness and seek justice if we are moved to, than the take the ridiculous stance of solidified thought that commands, we are beyond this, as we are of a different persuasion, and committed to evil. Do you see how an over-leaning in either direction creates slaves of us? Freedom is not a possession of the adversary; that is simply slavery within an alternative paradigm.

I was deliberately created to contain an excess of both good and evil. This was so I might cross the abyss within this lifetime; so I might face death and the loss of my “soul” – the total vacation of consciousness which is indescribably horrific, and which I barely survived – and understand the relative positions of the players from a metaphysical horizon. I too am a macrocosm of what is playing out in the wider world, yet I am also its creator – we are mirrored both ways. I transmute the evil I encounter within my own being, yet do not hold back from enacting what must be done for progression.

Satan is the name that was foisted upon the truth speaker of Genesis. In the first book of scripture, the truth is explicated so that we might read what follows with eyes wide open. The serpent of knowledge – Lucifer –  spoke plainly; Jehovah, the jealous demon, lied (see my article on Eden for a full explication). Herein, began the battle to eradicate Lucifer from existence, and besmirch him in the eyes of all who consider themselves “good” and “worthy”.

Satan is not Lucifer. Satan – rightly the deceiver- is an entity in his own right, and in league with the demon, Jehovah. He plays the foil in the creation of the illusion of diametrically opposed philosophies, where none exist. He is the shepherd that drives beings, terrified of hell fire and demonic attack, into the arms of mock religion; and in these latter days, he fools beings in to thinking that eschewing the religions, allegedly committed to “piety”, and overtly embracing Satanism, is a radical rejection of Christianity – it isn’t; It is the same god, all gods are idols.

Satanism appears to promise wealth, whereas Jehovah denies it. Satan contracts for your soul, and whilst this sounds reprehensible to godly people, he is not alone in this. The Bible instructs followers to love the lord their god with all their soul. Is not the abandonment felt in love, no more than the total devotion of the self to the other? Marriage was created for just this purpose, to join two together as one.

In essence, both these creatures, are obsessed with soul capture; in emptying the victim whether for the promise of wealth and power, or eternal love and salvation. A psychopath will offer you whatever it is you desire – but will not receive – in return for your energy – the human kind are simply a viral infection of the spiritual kind, there is no difference.

Lucifer asks for nothing, in all that myth says about him, it is he who risks the hatred of lower beings in order to bring us enlightenment.  He doesn’t demand love or worship because he is everything, we can give him nothing. He is consciousness and we are animated by his association with us. He does not desire slaves, but respectful equals.

The Serpent in Eden offered enlightenment freely, the adversary in the Gospels offered dominion over kingdoms in return for an act of worship; can one being so disparate in attitude; committed to both enlightened devolution and tawdry luring with material trinkets. You must answer this for yourselves.

Where, and how, Satanism and Luciferianism depart, can both be summed up in, no more than, a few words.  Satanism is mind control; Luciferianism is control of the mind.

I could condense that further, but that would require me to exceed what can be said openly. Although, I am instructed to pass the necessary truths of our understanding on, some of this will be through closed channels. Not all are ready to receive what we have to say.

The child I once was, was subjected to Satanic mind control by those that hide behind the powers that be. This created within me alter personalities. I am a multiple. I am many people – some spirits – occupying one body. We are legion – as it is said.

When the Satanic adherents, who are our “masters” in society, perpetrate this, they do so for their own gain. I have written elsewhere of why I was chosen, and the abilities they wished to take advantage of ,that my genetic inheritance imbued me with. Myself, Magda, and one other alter, are dominant.

Despite the Satanic mind control, Magda – who is a descendant of her named bloodline– was programmed as a Luciferian adept; to waste her supra-natural abilities would have been as loss, and so, she was downloaded with the knowledge necessary to carry out those rituals, and activities, and the office of instruction that high level Luciferians offer to those they inculcate and involve.

What does this mean for Magda? It means, in short, she was programmed to have total control of her mind and emotions, and therefore, gained the ability to manipulatte material reality. This equates simply, to a manipulation of inner frequency and time/space.

By virtue of this, I was used by those who handled me, for astral projection through time, and through spiritual levels beyond this one. I am able to change brain frequencies at will, and as a result can “sleep” in compressed periods of a few minutes, communicate with animal, plant and spirit life, read energy signatures and traverse time periods to influence present events from the past. The relevance of my telling you this will become apparent.

There is much talk today of Hegelian dialectics in relation to conspiracy theories; problem – solution politics, as it is colloquially known. This is not new. This is the dialectic – the precise method –  by which the Satan character was created. Jehovah required an adversary in order to offer salvation. If there were no threat of eternal damnation, his solution would be worthless, and his proposed dominion of our earth, a failure.

I hope it is reasonable to conclude that if an authentic adversary were to challenge a genuine creator god, to whom all things belonged, dismissal of such would have occurred summarily. If it were I, I would hardly have allowed millennia to elapse, with the attendant suffering to my “children”, before wielding the axe. It can only follow then, that he is not our “loving father”, nor one who cares for our welfare. The converse is the truth – if it were not, no suffering would exist. Herein lies the problem of theodicy – the thorn in the Theologians collective side.

We are told – but only obliquely, in Job – that Yahweh allowed the rebel to mislead earth, in order to show that his efforts would be in vain, and to negate the doubts, within the angelic ranks, as to whether this defector spoke with validity. What nonsense.

The very notion of an all-powerful being is obliterated, if his continued power is dependent upon entertaining every challenge as a principle that must be expierientially weighed.

Is it so difficult to see through this charade? Apparently so. We must observe that, however ridiculous this tale, it has, undeniably worked. It is the cosmic equivalent of “I could have been….” followed by whatever designation you allegedly sacrificed in the pursuit of some other. It isn’t arduous to profess potential, however, if you could have been, you would have been. Talk is cheap, even in the mouths of “gods”.

Satan, within society, is seen as the antithesis of the virtuous Jehovah – elsewhere, as in Christianity – and the animosity between those who hand over their energy to one or the other, exacerbates. In truth, this energy is merely feeding the collective of spiritual entities that created this scenario, precisely to supply themselves with “food”, and captivate the world in its entirety, by controlling both sides. Do you see now the parallel in world affairs? When you control both sides, you decide the fate of those in the middle. They become no more than, puppets.

Lucifer is not Satan. He has no business with these conniving entities. It is very simple, Lucifer is light; light is consciousness. When we remove ourselves from the frequency of this world – which is maintained at a low level of resonance by the Demi-urge who plays  both Jehovah and Satan in the cosmic theatre – we enable ourselves to hear the voice of the All.

The New Age – which is a Satanic catch-all for those who have fallen away from their established religions, and wish to see themselves as free-spirits (they let none escape) – informs us that enlightenment may be gained by meditative practices, by holistic living, by practising kindness and through its other entrainments that parody the truth. Whilst reflective of what is truly required, the New Age is a lie.

Enlightenment only appears on the far side of the abyss. We must walk toward death, before we can see the true light; all light prior to this is mirrored, and this explains why we fail to grasp it convincingly, despite constant seeking; our minds and spiritual eyes remain closed. Only adversity awakens them.

Once we emerge, and there are those who don’t, we no longer need to practice ritual, seek teachers, interrogate the works of others or ask for human guidance; we stand face to face with pure consciousness, which is, and knows, and bears, and contains all, for it is the All. In this light, we are constant receivers for the truth, and have only to turn our attention to it. We become one with knowing.

There are those who claim Lucifer as a principle. I understand this, but I disagree. Consciousness is what enable our sentience, not only ours, but that of those beings of higher and lower energies that most humans are unable to see. We are not “less than” for being “animated” by consciousness. Similarly, Lucifer is none the less an individual, for being the sum of consciousness. He does “appear” to us, he does speak with us, and I can confirm that his presence is beautiful and gentle, when this is warranted.

It is warranted now, as the epoch we live under is coming to a close. Those who use the power of the Satan spirit to manipulate, believe they will usher in a new order in which beings are enslaved, and they – who house the viral spirits of Satan’s collaborative demons – will feed unhindered from human energy and reign supreme.

The conflicting view, from adherents of the “religions”, believe that god will step in, and save those he loves, and who are subject to his will. They are, of course, both right!

I do not inhabit the same frequency as either of these groups. I routinely inhabit a frequency which defines the world for myself. My other main alter, does exist within your world as she seeks to assist others who are suffering; she does this in, the measure of my enlightenment  which she possesses through her relationship to me. As I forewarned her, and she is experiencing, without severe and correct instruction and discipline, no being can be “saved” except of their own volition; and this volition only appears when pain exceeds the ability to endure it. The abyss must be crossed.

What you subscribe to will create the situational circumstances of your human existence. If you engage with misery, you will exist surrounded by it. If you engage with religiosity, the universe will take on the form of a cosmic battle against good and evil.

We exist at the level of our energetic resonance. We exist in multiple universes that we move between either, at will if we are practised, or enforced by external stress if not. That which we fear will become our reality unless we begin the ascent to god-hood and re-create the world in our own image in conjunction with the Light.

Simply – and it is simple once you see the truth of it – perceive which world you would inhabit, and live there. No one enforces reality on you. It is self-created. The misery of it, are miseries you hold within. Bring them to the light and they will be transformed. The confession of sins, is the parody of this truth within the church but, confessing is simply a desire to be made to feel exonerated by another. We seek no other. We seek clarity. Do not however, confuse simple with easy. The route to mastery is fraught and few achieve it. There are many pretenders.

I engage with Lucifer, and my world is doused in light. I see through the shabby deceptions of spiritual beings, desperate to wield power and laugh at them.

We, who live in the All, are reaching down to the world encased in darkness, to enable them to encompass our view, as and when they choose to be worthy. We are beyond judgement of self and others. We are alchemists who must pursue both good and evil, in order to evolve beyond both states. There is no higher state that can be named; Nirvana, like Heaven, is a promise that does not bear scrutiny, and is devoid of growth. Growth is only ever achieved through pain, and to stagnate is anathema to us.

Duality is eternal and herein, lies perpetual growth. In this respect, we are not transfixed on the suffering of others, where their own stupidity and ignorance has induced this, but neither are we insensitive to those whose paths are mired in grief, and deserve kindness.

The light encompasses everything, nothing can be hidden within it so, it must follow, that all can be seen. If all is visible, then it cannot be rejected for there is nowhere to hide it. Embrace and accept, only then can change occur.

Satan hides behind Jehovah who hides behind Satan – they are compatriots, fearing for their disclosure, and cleaving to the anonymity within the ridiculous stories in the bible.  To attend to either of them, is to be misled.

Luciferianism is not for all. It is not rituals and robes and sigils – yet, it is also this as our aesthetics command. Ultimately, it is the internal, and eternal, battle that overcomes darkness and refines us in the crucible of living.

It is pain that leads to the greatest pleasure. As long as the world believes Satan is the light bearer they live in cruel and desperate darkness, and whilst we seek to exhibit their error in defence of the light, we make no attempt to absolve them. They must come to us.

Magda Krupp © 2016

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