The Luciferian Current.

The paradigm shift into the luciferian current can begin as subtly as an imbalance of focus within it can be harsh and here lies the challenge. The current has always been there and one may possibly have touched on it before in ignorance. It is luciferian philosophy and practice that enables us to find and remain in this place, to consciously push our unconscious selves forward through it, and to remain within it.Once the current becomes evident through luciferian practice it will not be denied, and stepping out of it can be consequential. Past allowances for self destruction or passive living are no longer subtly punished, the other currents, whatever they are, are shown clearly as a place that one does not want to be. Synchronicities show through events that both benefit and befall us, denying these does not stop a current that can no longer be ignored. What is seen can not be unseen, what we are is now known and what we are not becomes painfully clear.The current itself is within as life-force inflamed, and also passing through all aspects of the external. Internally the needs of earth are brought forth through the fire of will transformed through liquid into air. The current is able to penetrate all matters within this world, material and spirit, it flows within us, all around us and always has, one has to create conscious connection to it, to direct it as much as it has the power to direct us, to work towards this force and not away from it as the masses are trained to do.In times of extreme focus within, ritual, meditation, asana, the current can become almost as tangible as fluid passing through the body and mind. Spiritually the current is felt subjectively through communication and signal from various forces, however conversation with others within the current can show a synchronicity also in attribute, these forces can be seen as guides within the current for those who remain focused, able to combine the spiritual with the practical.Using awareness in the external, the current is almost visible, as visual as air - felt, but not seen physically, however, like air when riding a current, a wind when directed it's effects on the physical are clear. It is easy to see those who are in it, and those who are not. Through this we evolve our understanding of others, relationships are changed, the unnecessary discarded, and, for me at least, the necessary destroyed, then rebuilt and vastly improved through a new understanding, a freedom that comes from the acceptance of difference after a period of grief for those that are left behind, those friends and family that can not join this path.The current shows beacons on each direction one could take in the circumstances of life, it brings an alertness to life itself, at all times, flowing through one as life-force does, as attuned to the beauty of challenge as it is to the nature of success. Tragedy from error or the tides of nature bring about further knowledge at exactly the right time, a rich understanding of life, bringing ability to remain stable, on board, regardless of how much the boat is being rocked.The current is order within chaos, as one continues to change through it to someone that they never knew, unplanned but perfectly played out, fine tuned, carved out, forged through their creation of it and connection to it and persuaded completely through trail and error to acknowledge it. The luciferian current is magic within the mundane and is never ending, written words on page can only ever touch on the current, it also leaves much to be discovered, in the same vein as the current itself.
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