Why start?

Let it be known why I started in the first place without delving too deep into the past. Just a week ago I attended a church service out of a sense of obligation. I don’t believe in anything that was being said. I don’t believe that Donald Trump is a prophet. I don’t believe that AIDS is god dishing out a “natural consequence” of homosexuality. I don’t believe pursuing activities for the purpose of pleasure or self growth are evil. I don’t believe in dedicating my life to a false god, giving up my life, for a heaven that isn’t promised, and excludes people from its gates due to difference. I do believe in personal power. I do believe in becoming the strongest version of yourself possible. I do believe that it’s demeaning to worship a false cosmic being, or anything for that matter, because placing yourself as a lesser being removed all sense of value. This is why I question. This is why I learn. And this is why I hope others may come to do the same. Because the world can not survive ignorance this powerful much longer.

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  • Enlightment comes at different times for some.

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