Ayn Rand on Happiness, Self-Esteem and Love

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"Rand telling it like it is."

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  • LaVey kept noting Rand as an influence, but as an Objectivist who has read his works, LaVeyan satanism is nothing more than highly stylized Nietzscheism, and Rand and Nietzsche were opposites in that her idea of morality is based on Objective reality as best as it can be sensed, and his was arbitrary, stating that his ubermench was "beyond good and evil", and he touted might makes right, whereas she insisted that rights supersede might. 

    I do indeed think that Rand's Objectivism is Satanic & Lucerferian, but has nothing to do with Howard. 

  • "Satanism is Ayn Rand with ritual" Howard Levey, refering to atheism, his religion.

    Pretty funny than for all the hoo haa "Luciferians" make about being different from "Satanists" (which generally the only reference they have is LaVey, who was an ATHEIST not a Satanist) this video pops up again and again on every Luciferian online network. Nothing wrong with that, but it is really really funny.

  • The christian injunction to not judge and to love others indiscriminately is as insane as would be the injunction to hate others indiscriminately, based on no standards nor necessary criteria.

    In the statement "I love you", 'I' is the subject. "Selfless love" is a contradiction in terms. Love is necessarly selfish, i.e. it serves the self.  

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