Chet Atkins "Chopin Waltz No 10 in B Minor"

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for kelly redhead

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  • i have EVERY james brown record on mp3! if you want any tunes tell me the titles, and i'll upload them just for you... and your buttermilk pie... just tell your family "don't worry about the wino dude, he's just going to EAT AND LEAVE!"
  • Sounds like fun. Did you get to sneak any beer? Some of the most fun I had was when I'd spend a night at my friend's house. She was full-blood Cherokee and her family was wild. I was about 13, they'd give us beer and crank up James Brown. My parents didn't allow James Brown music, lol.

    What's this about pie?
  • i had a feeling you'd know that piece. i was raised on my dad's stereo playing chopin waltzes, polonaises, and mazurkas by horrowitz.... LOUD!!! wall pounding all niter drinking loud talking adults with the speakers cranked. also german drinking songs and a comedy album by brother dave gardner called "kick thy own self" a classic from 1959-1960, around in there.

    did you see where i posted "for kelly redhead"? you owe me some pie now :P
  • That's amazing, Popeye. Chet was amazing anyway, but sheesh! Chopin was the composer my piano teacher had chosen for me to study. I guess she knew I was a melancholy thing. Chopin's Waltz in B Minor is where she started cracking the whip on fingering by the way. I was used to flying through a piece of more. I got rapped across the knuckles more than once with here damn yardstick :)

    Thanks for sharing this. It's hard to not appreciate genius in any genre of music.

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