God's Warriors - The Christian Culture War

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Christiane Amanpour reports on a Christian youth ministry aimed at fighting what they call a toxic secular society.

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  • No problem. My inititial inclination is that its going to get worse than it gets better. You you know how angry I would be if Al Queda successfully attacked the Eiffel Tower, or the Brandenburg Gate. I was angry enough when the Taliban was blowing up those giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan. Oh well, to turn the anger into productive energy is the key, I believe.
  • Well... what can be said that isn't painfully obvious (at least to you and I). It certainly brings about feelings of sadness, fear and anger.

    Cool yes, I'm also planning to check out the other 'warrior' vids- thanks Chris.
  • Matt, what were your thoughts on the full report? There's one for Muslims and the Jewish Warriors as well. Man, that one god really dominates this world. It makes me sad. : (
  • I ended up watching the full report and wanted to share the link in case anyone else was interested:

    Part I
  • Weak willed spirits swaying like reeds in the wind. Nothing new here; indoctrinate them, sure why not, it's that same brain-washed mentality that will be used against them. In any event I'm sure there's some aspects we'd probably have in common as this is their campaign of light, so to speak, it's just when your using a flamethrower, your judicious donation of light doesn't seem as virtuous. I'd say the main speaker is more of a Luciferian than anything; rebellious, passionate, dedicated to his cause. Switch the script in his hand and I'd actually like the guy!
  • Jonathan, you definitely caught onto the stream of consciousness that I was flowing through. Someone else consciously has harnessed this current and driven it toward their own goal. We should be doing the same, but educating the people about the principle under which we are triggering them through.
  • My favorite article is the one entitled, "Is There a Terrorist in Your Home?"

    I would laugh, except that strict followers are expected to do this , and that's how they want everyone to live their lives.
  • It's funny to see how they want to destroy the 'American lifestyle', but what there really doing is indoctrinating the crowd with the same stuff there opposing to.

    'The world today is in a battle for its identity. Evil forces are creating a sick culture of hate. But they will not succeed. In order for His Word to prevail, we must make our own culture of hope and love stronger. Read on about culture shifts and the impact of media on adolescents.'


    The impact of media on adolescents....isn't that the same thing Battlecry is doing.....

    Read some articles on the website, it's hilarious. They are contradicting themselves the whole time!
  • Exactly, and this has been going on since the 70's, since falwell. So... with the Tea Party wanted to get rid of the civil rights amendment, and the direct election of senators, and the education dept. The fact that they believe that there is no separation of church and state, the pure passion of these people, and the apathy of most voters, and the voters, being none the wiser, that will be drawn in by their economic policies...you can see how I am slightly, if not outrightly, concerned about this.
  • That is creepy. They are clearly utilizing fascist aesthetic. That colour combination and a charismatic speaker at a rock concert type setup gets people fired up and passionate.
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