Greater Church of Lucifer - Toronto 004-A - Pentagram and Christianity

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  • Oooo, fun, something i can sink my teeth into. Sadly, current data limitations prevent me from watching the whole clip just yet, but i can say a few things you might like to share with the Toronto heads or just keep in the vault for later.

    A while ago my "subsect" had a forum going, and there was substantial debate about the use of the pentagram with Þursiðr (my tradition) and the broader "germanic satanism" undercurrent (Dankwaþiudiskatruwōn etc). The one i use on my "main" group here on the LRS is a bindrune based on one designed by Vexior/Ekortu, more or less the founder of my particular tradition. By his second book he wrote on on our current, he had successfully managed to explain the classic Satanic pentagram as a bindrune of five thurs (thorn in Old English) runes, representing the five major thursian powers we work with.

    On the other hand, the pentagram generally used in the neo-pagan movement such as in Wicca etc (our tradition is anti-cosmic heathenism, not fertility based paganism) has a far less rational justification. In the broader Germanic magic spectrum, the pentagram only seems to have historically appeared as what is called the ælfcruc ("elf-cross"), and was used as a ward against ælfes (elves) - ironic considering their essential role as fertility spirits as led by their king Ing (Freyr), lord of Wanehome (Vanirheimr). However, this could have occured post christian assimilation, as in when the christianisation of the heathen peoples was subverting and modifying the various pre-christian traditions. Regardless, the ælfcruc was used both "point up" and "point down", the later even appearing on a regional flag of one of the German localities if i recall correctly.

    Swinging back to a broader and more easily understood Satanic/Luciferian context, it has always both amused and annyed me that the vast swathes of local folk i know who wear pentagrams (in the "inverted" sense) are basically atheistic metalheads who are more or less quasi-laveyan religious cynics rather than actual Satanists. I recently visited St Pauls Cathedral (large Anglican church in the heart of Melbourne AU) on "remembrance day" funnily enough, and lit a candle for Ned Kelly as it also happened to be the same day he was hung. This was mere coincidence however, as i'd simply heard there was a room in there covered in "satanic" pentagrams.It turned out it was actually the tabernacle itself, and the pentagram actually (and fairly logically) representing the five wounds of their Christ zombie. Then again the "Luciferian" sigil come from the Grimorium Venum, more or less a very christianised book on magic.

    All fairly funny if you ask me. I'll have to watch the video later and see if you addressed any of these points there Jer.

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