Interview with Dr Lloyd Keane

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Flambeau Noir proudly presents an interview with Dr. Lloyd Keane conducted by interviewer Justin Dickie. Lloyd Keane, a resident of Ottawa, is a Priest (III°) in the Temple of Set and holds a PhD in Psychoanalytic Studies with a dissertation that presents a Jungian interpretation of the Western Esoteric Tree of Life. Dr. Keane is a Master in the Esoteric Order of Beelzebub and a šēmi pirišti within the Order of Tiamat. His primary Initiatory focus is on understanding, cultivating, and expressing the Black Flame through art. Dr. Keane views Initiatory Art is a Gateway to exploring the Black Flame and the matrix of mystery, curiosity, and the numinous from which is arises as well as the sense of Dread that it projects. Lloyd will be lecturing alongside many other great speakers such as Thomas Karlsson, Edgar Kerval, & Don Webb as the keynote speakers. For more information about Flambeau Noir:

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