Interview with Jex Blackmore

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Jex Blackmore is an interdisciplinary artist and activist as well as a national spokesperson for The Satanic Temple and director of the organization’s largest chapter located in Detroit, MI. Her work focuses on the relationship between moral religious rhetoric, sexuality and political policy. She has been featured in numerous publications such as TIME magazine, Vanity Fair, Washington Post, NPR, Cosmopolitan, and Salon. In 2015, she organized the largest Satanic gathering in history to unveil The Satanic Temple’s Baphoment monument, which was featured on CNN’s This is Life with Lisa Ling. Her reproductive healthcare advocacy has ranged from disrupting anti-choice demonstrations using gallons of milk and writing about her personal abortion experience in the viral blog entitled, “Unmother”. Check out Jex's topic as well as the other speakers on our home page. or find us on Facebook:

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