Interview with Shani Oates

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Shani Oates is a devoted practitioner of the esoteric artes. As a mystic and pilgrim finding expression through her writing, she fully *lives* her Tradition as a member of the People of Goda, and Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain. Other ordinations and initiations within sympathetic Occult Streams further enrich her Spiritual congress, inspiring further research into theology, philosophy and anthropology as pathways to Truth. These vital disciplines engage the Mysteries proper, sourcing her numerous lectures at moots and Esoteric Conferences, all of which enrich her role and duties within the Clan she serves. Her politics and arte inform her published works online and via natural media. Her debut book, Tubelo’s Green Fire (2010), followed by The Arcane Veil (2011) and The Star Crossed Serpent I (2012) Star Crossed Serpent II and III (2014 & 2016) all by Mandrake of Oxford). A Paean for Hekate 2012 (Create Space), The People of Goda 2012 (Create Space); Tubal’s Mill 2016 – (Create Space). Crafting the Arte of Tradition 2016 by Anathema Publishing. For more information about Flambeau Noir:

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