Occult Practice in the New Luciferian Era - Toronto Lecture

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Jeremy Crow gives his talk, "Occult Practice in the New Luciferian Era" at an event in the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Toronto. The event, called "Religion After The Death of God" was organized by The Friedrich Nietzsche Society and was held on 2-6-4 NLE (June 20th, 2015) The entire audio was captured by Jeremy via digital audio sampler. This is the audio used in the video. HD Video was captured by Jeremy with help from Darren White, but not for the entire talk. In the places where video is available, it is used. To fill in the gaps, video from some vintage Public Domain films have been used simply to provide visual interest. They have nothing to do with the actual lecture. For more information on Jeremy Crow's projects, visit the following links. Greater Church of Lucifer - Main Website http://bit.ly/1BBXhTM Ordo Luciferi - The Luciferian Order http://bit.ly/1BMTx1E Ziggurat of Enki - Esoteric Order http://on.fb.me/1Lowa0x

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