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  • By the Blood of the Dragon which is my own Essence,
    And by the Key of the Night,
    I call you, Lahamu!
    Fiery Warrior,
    Fearsome Demon of Lust and Fury!
    Come from forgotten temples,
    And from blood-dyed battlefields,
    Behind the Gate of the Setting Sun!
    Come with flaming lashes which burn the earth,
    And scourge the souls of the living!
    I offer myself on the altar of your sexual sorcery,
    And I drink your venomous blood,
    My body is a vessel for your living fire!
    Arise with tongues of flames and lightning,
    Penetrate my soul from within,
    Stir my blood with your seething breath,
    And fortify my flesh with your fearsome essence!
    Grant me the power to weaken and destroy my enemies!
    Devour their vital force,
    Feast on their tortured souls,
    And leave them writhing in burning agony!
    Enter this Temple of Flesh,
    Intoxicate my Soul with your primal hunger,
    And enflame my dreams with terror, lust and ecstasy!
    I invoke you in the name of the Dragon!
    In Nomine Draconis!
    Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

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